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Mauna Kea Volcano Hosts Robotics Competition

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Recently the University of Hawaii at Hilo hosted a robotics competition that put mining robots from seven universities on the slopes of Mauna Kea volcano. The Robotic International Space Mining Competition was the first of its kind, and was put on by the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration System (PISCES).

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JHU Robotics Club Turns a Staircase into a Piano

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The Johns Hopkins University robotics club assumed administrators would ask them immediately to dismantle the electronics that turned a staircase in their engineering building into a playable keyboard. But they didn’t — at least not right away. And the day after it was set up, they saw a professor on his hands and knees playing it, according to WBALTV. Each step has a sensor attached to a mini controller that tells it to play a certain note in the C major scale, according to the article. The club can also change the sounds of the instruments it plays.

The giant keyboard has drawn crowds since being installed, and the club members hope it will stir some interest from students looking to join the club or think about robotics as a study path. They’ve been inspired by this pop-up project and how much attention it’s gotten, and they plan to install different interactive projects in the future.

ASABE Robotics Competition

ASABELogoSmall1For the past eight years, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has held an annual robotics design competition to encourage students to develop ideas for robots that could solve real-life agricultural problems. The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate teams, and allows multiple teams to enter from one university. Each year the competition is held at ASABE’s annual international conference. This year, the competition will take place July 13-16 in Montreal, Canada.

Coincidentally, a rather Canadian challenge was chosen for this year: designing a robotic system that can install a sap pipeline between maple trees in a forest. Such a method would be more cost-effective and less wasteful than current methods that require collecting the sap by hand. Registration for this year’s contest is open until June 15, 2014.

International RoboCup Competition is Open

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RoboCup was first founded in 1997 with the main goal of creating a robot soccer team by the year 2050 that could defeat the human champions of the FIFA World Cup. Since then, the competition has grown to include not just soccer robots, but rescue robots, home robots, and robots in the workplace. Although it may not draw the same size audience as its FIFA counterpart, this year the competition will be held in Brazil.

Deadlines to register for any of the different competitions run from March to late June, while the actual competition will take place in late July. There are also a number of preregistration deadlines for some competitions that are in January and February.


DARPA Showcases New Robots, Schaft Takes Top Prize

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The New York Times called an international robotics competition that was held last month in Florida by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) “a woodstock for robots”. The DARPA Robotics Competition pitted 16 teams against each other in a challenge to design and test the best robot that could perform a number of different missions that would be similar to tasks in a human rescue mission.

The Japanese team Schaft swept the competition with a robot that performed all eight tasks almost flawlessly, beating out the next best team – IHMC Robotics from the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition – by seven points.

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