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Berkeley’s Engineers are Cooking!

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The Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, knows a lot about power lunches. Still, its grand entryway never hosted anything quite like the  crowd gathered over smoky cookstoves one recent rainy noontime, trying to coax enough heat to cook a large pot of rice.

Homeless people? Hardly. These were graduate students in the development engineering design emphasis (like a minor for Ph.D.s) working on a project for Development Engineering C200. The idea:  Technologies to alleviate poverty not only must be technically sound but also economically feasible and culturally appropriate to gain widespread use.

Cookstoves make a useful case study, because 3 billion people cook on the dirty, smoky, inefficient devices.

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Clemson Offers New Environmental Engineering Major

This year Clemson University students will be able to major in Environmental Engineering. Clemson already offers a top-20-ranked Master’s program and Doctoral programs in environmental engineering and science.

Clemson will offer the major through the Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences and the Department of Biosystems Engineering. Students will be able to study general environmental engineering or choose to have a concentration in natural systems. Clemson offers 10 different engineering degrees, but the new Environmental Engineering Bachelor of Science degree is the first of its kind in South Carolina, according to a University news release.

University of Illinois Students Design 100-mpg Car

A team of University of Illinois students have set out to push the bounds of fuel efficiency. The students have designed a car they say can reach 100 miles per gallon and plan to present the car at the 2013 Shell Eco-marathon. According to the Associated Press, the group developed the two-seat car with a $56,000 budget. When designing and building the vehicle, the team “went for real-world feasibility,” said Sanat Bhole, a senior in mechanical engineering. The students have various majors including mechanical, chemical, and industrial engineering.

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S&T’s Solar Village to House Microgrid Project

There’s a new grid on the block at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Missouri University of S&T students and researchers are planning to house an experimental microgrid at a complex of four solar-powered homes. Made of solar panels, the microgrid will manage and store renewable energy, according to the university’s website. “Distributed power generation is one of the key elements of a microgrid,” says Mehdi Ferdowsi, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Missouri S&T. “It’s called a microgrid because it’s less dependent on the utility power grid.”

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Mentorship for Environmental Scholars

The mission of the Mentorship for Environmental Scholars program is to provide traditionally underrepresented students with exposure to research in the areas of biotechnology, computer science, environmental science, and engineering. The project includes a 10-week hands-on research internship provided at a Department of Energy or Legacy Management site; professional development, and funding in the form of a $3,500 stipend and coverage of transportation costs and housing.

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