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June’s Student News & Voices

Blastoff!: A rocket built by students has reached space for the first time. Ten students from the University of Southern California’s Rocket Propulsion Lab recently won the race to breach the Kármán line, named for the Hungarian-American engineer who attempted to define a boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space. Find out how they did it.

Quack, Quack, Zoom?: The ‘Flying V’ is usually associated with migrating water fowl and inspirational hockey formations. But what about a revolutionary new airplane shape? Students and researchers at TU Delft came up with a new plane design that will drastically cut fuel consumption and make for a more comfortable passenger ride while keeping existing air travel infrastructure. Read more here.

Go Baby Go: High school and college STEM students in Connecticut are teaming up to build free go-carts for low-income disabled children. These carts serve as fun adaptive wheelchairs for the kids. Read more here.

Tampa Topics: ASEE’s Annual Conference is upon us! From June 16-19 in Tampa, Fla., engineering educators from around the world will discuss pressing problems of the day. The Student Division is exceptionally active, with 17 sessions touching on such wide-ranging topics as “counterfactual thinking,” the Girl Scouts, and experiences in Qatar and Vietnam. The ASEE Students Facebook group often has links to hotel room shares and ride shares for cheap conference travels. Find out more here.

In His Own Words: Rohit’s Journey to EngEd

Rohit Kandakatla

Engineering Education isn’t the first thing most students think about when applying to engineering school. This major is still somewhat niche, so we thought it would be interesting if students wanted to share how they got interested in engineering education as a discipline. Find Rohit Kandakatla’s story below.

Interested in contributing your own story? We’d love to hear from you! Please email Jenn Pocock at with your personal essay. Keep it short–around 350 words–and send a photo we can use!

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Teaching STEM through Games—Not Gamification

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If you grew up in the 90’s and early aughts, you might have played old-school computer games like Math Blaster and Oregon Trail that were designed to “make learning fun” in math and history. While you may have traumatizing stories about dying early from digitalized dysentery or exploding after an equation, chances are that you didn’t actually learn a lot about history or math from these games. The MIT Education Arcade is hoping to fix that.

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Engineering & Education Podcast Roundup

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Are you looking for some way to continue your education over the summer? Want some background noise for those hot evenings spent lesson planning or soldering your robot together? It’s About Time put together a great roundup of engineering and education (and engineering education!) podcasts to keep your ears happy and your mind active.

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The Game was Afoot

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This month, the Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (ILead) at the University of Toronto concluded a six-month engineering contest simply called The Game. The Game is a mysterious competition with the goal of “changing the world,” though its missions are not revealed until after the contestants are chosen and their teams are formed. Over the competition’s long course, student contestants receive mentorship and leadership training while developing a large-scale social project that they hope will create positive change.

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