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Engineering the Trajan Column

Trajan’s Column, completed in 113CE, is a masterpiece of Roman art and engineering. It has stood for more than 1900 years intact as the rest of the Roman Forum crumbled around it. The tower comprises 29 blocks of solid marble each weighing from 29-77 tons. Each marble drum had windows and a staircase allowing access to the top pulled into place by an elaborate pulley system. Watch this stop-motion video by National Geographic on how it was made in ancient times. For even more insight, watch the artists’ making-of video.

ISS Spacewalk Footage with GoPro

Last week, NASA released two videos of taking a GoPro on walkabouts (or, extravehicular activities—EVAs for short) in space. Ever wondered what it’s like to cling to the side of the International Space Station as it zips around Earth in orbit at 8km per second? The views are out of this world! (Sorry.) See the longer NASA-released videos from EVA number 30 and EVA number 31 and even further extended footage.

The Accelerator Facebook Update

facebook_squareWe are reviving our Accelerator Facebook pageASEE is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date information in engineering education student news and entertainment. We can’t do that simply by emailing you once per month, however. We often get late-breaking news on scholarships, grants, and contests that have deadlines before we can post about them—but we want you to know about them when we find out! To avoid overloading your inbox with multiple emails every month, we are bringing our Facebook page back. Click here to like us and share with your friends. When you do, you will get extra updates on engineering education news, grants, and the occasional entertaining video. Like us today!