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STEM Women Face More Scrutiny

Internet Troll sitting at the computer

This may not come as a surprise, but according to a new study by Inoka Amarasekara and Will Grant, two  Australian science communication researchers, women who run STEM-related YouTube channels get more comments–both positive and negative–than men. “They found a tough environment for women who create YouTube videos centered on science, drawing both more comments per view than men and also a higher proportion of critical comments as well as remarks about their appearances.” Read more here.

Punished for Good Grades

“Study hard, earn good grades and career success will follow. Actually, a new study finds that this common advice given to college students isn’t true.” According to an article at Inside Higher Ed, women in STEM fields face a steep consequence for being, well, too good. When everyone tells them to be perfect and their projects must always be twice as good to get attention, how can women overcome this new curve ball? Read it here.