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Punished for Good Grades

“Study hard, earn good grades and career success will follow. Actually, a new study finds that this common advice given to college students isn’t true.” According to an article at Inside Higher Ed, women in STEM fields face a steep consequence for being, well, too good. When everyone tells them to be perfect and their projects must always be twice as good to get attention, how can women overcome this new curve ball? Read it here.

Negative Reinforcement

Mice in the rotarod performance test

Two major prizes are signaling a sea change in research culture, according to Nature. One is in neuroscience and the other is in human brain mapping–but both encourage researchers to publish negative results. “Research cannot be self-correcting when information is missing. The sorts of information most likely to stay in the shadows come from the negative results and replication studies that these two prizes put into the limelight.” Read more here.

The Tax Bill and You

By now, you’ve heard that both the House and Senate have passed new tax legislation, which has been heavily protested by students. Why? Because it will change how tuition reimbursements are taxed. Some say that this is a fault of the university systems, not just of the government. Still, the House and the Senate voted on two different bills and need to reconcile and vote it through all chambers before it’s fully passed. Here’s how it might affect you. Read more here.

The Physics of Rick & Morty

Image Courtesy of Adult Swim

Rick and Morty’s unique spin on the multiverse isn’t meant to reflect real physics. Yet physicists who study the cosmos appreciate the fact that it is bringing an esoteric scientific debate, whether there is such a thing as the multiverse, into the public spotlight.” So says, which eyeballs the unusual underpinnings of the science (such as it is) behind Rick and Morty. Read about it here.