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Job-Search Material Help

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Compiling quality job-search materials is a time-consuming headache, especially early in your career. One page résumé or two? Or a full curriculum vitae? Should you add your high school babysitting experience? Click below for some great advice and materials on putting together a job-winning résumé.

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Juggling the Job Search: A guide to applying for faculty and non-faculty jobs

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The job market is notoriously shaky right now. Searching for jobs on top of all of the priorities that you have is a  mentally and physically difficult, not to mention time-consuming, process. Many students are applying across the board—to academe and industry—and hoping that something good sticks. If you are one of them, you could likely use some guidance on how to juggle it all.

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American Indian Graduate Center

82220111012259566-150x88The American Indian Graduate Center was established in 1969 in Albuquerque, New Mexico to provide fellowships to American Indian and Alaskan Native graduate students throughout the United States. Since its founding, it has disbursed more than 16,000 graduate fellowships across disciplines totaling more than $44 million.
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The Science of Schmoozing

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Everyone schmoozes—or, at least, they ought to. Many scientists feel uncomfortable about reaching out to strangers for help and advice, not to mention pitching themselves as exceptional candidates for funding, positions, and advancement. This is becoming increasingly important, however, especially in engineering circles.

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