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Effective Faculty Allies

“University service,” especially when it comes to diversity-driving activities, often falls to the faculty members of the affected groups. This results in faculty of underrepresented groups doing a disproportionate share of the service. How can faculty who are not part of these groups effectively step up to take on their share of the service load? Inside Higher Ed explores different ways that white faculty members can help with diversity efforts. Read it here.

Student Parenting Rights

Researchers found that leaving academe to have a family accounts for the largest “leak” in the STEM pipeline for women, from graduate school to tenure. A common reason is the absence of resources like paid leave, childcare or staff support. Inside Higher Ed follows grad students who started a campaign for parental rights to help temper the difficulties of raising kids while studying. Read it here.

Worst Writing Advice Ever

There’s no doubt that the academic world is tough. It requires rigor and sacrifice of time, sleep, and sometimes relationships. What do you do when you need to fit in yet another project? Conventional advice says: Wake up earlier! Work more! Sacrifice more! This is terrible advice. Commonly given about writing, it applies to other projects as well. Rebecca Schuman at the Chronicle of Higher Education talks about why–and what to do instead. Read it here.