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Faculty-Grad Student Sexual Harassment Study

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The #MeToo movement has brought more light to the pervasive sexual harassment that women experience in everyday life. Months before the Harvey Weinstein tipping point, Inside Higher Education reported on studies that show blatant harassment of graduate students from faculty. “Data ‘confirm that faculty harassment of students is more widespread than many may appreciate’ says the study, forthcoming in Utah Law Review.” Read the story here.

How to Activate Your Class

Christophe Vorlet for The Chronicle

“The opening five minutes [of class] offer us a rich opportunity to capture the attention of students and prepare them for learning. They walk into our classes trailing all of the distractions of their complex lives — the many wonders of their smartphones, the arguments with roommates, the question of what to have for lunch. Their bodies may be stuck in a room with us for the required time period, but their minds may be somewhere else entirely.” James M. Lang with the Chronicle of Higher Education describes techniques for transitioning students’ attention from the outside world into your classroom. Read the article here.

How to Handle a Hands-off Adviser

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Grad school is overwhelming in so many different ways–not only are you digging into the material deeper than ever before and conducting your own research, but you’re also dealing with a whole new set of academic political dynamics. You have to answer to your advisory committee and professors while still following the passion that got you into the school in the first place. But what if your advisers won’t even, well, advise you?  Captain Awkward answers some questions about standing up for your research while taking care of yourself in grad school. Read more here.