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Fed to the Sharks

At South by Southwest this year, the Chronicle of Higher Education held its annual EDU edition of Shark Tank. They evaluated innovative ideas to turn education on its head. Ideas included a research-sharing social media site and a MOOC-like mentorship program. Find out what the Shark had to say and see if any of these ideas hit home–or fall flat. Read more here.

Effective Faculty Allies

“University service,” especially when it comes to diversity-driving activities, often falls to the faculty members of the affected groups. This results in faculty of underrepresented groups doing a disproportionate share of the service. How can faculty who are not part of these groups effectively step up to take on their share of the service load? Inside Higher Ed explores different ways that white faculty members can help with diversity efforts. Read it here.

Low-Income Lowdown

Inequality is rife in elite universities-not just in the admission process but also in the support given to low-income students. Anthony Abraham Jack was recently at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences to celebrate the release of his new book: a case study of how elite institutions like the one where he teaches, Harvard, fail low-income students. The subject matter is intimately familiar to him. Can he help change it? Read here.