Some Developments in the Office


Peter Wesley Odom, Secretary and Treasurer

Over the past year, there have been only a few modest operational changes aside from the new officers elected last summer during the conference in Atlanta, Georgia:

1. In preparation for this year’s conference, we put together a committee to overhaul the process by which evaluations are made concerning the papers and posters which are submitted. Our goals in doing this were to make it more clear what the focus of the Student Division is, and to also make it easier to distinguish between papers which are and are not appropriate for our division. We were also aiming to streamline the process to be easier for multiple people to compare evaluations effectively.

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Student Chapter Update


Scottie-Beth, Student Chapter Coordinator

 ASEE student chapters provide a diverse community to those who are interested in progressing STEM fields and the STEM classroom. Additionally, student chapters connect us with local and national ASEE-related opportunities and knowledge. Whether your career interests are focused on research, teaching, or service, ASEE student chapters can enhance your collegiate experience.

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ASEE Student Division Launches Mentorship Program


The ASEE Student Division has just launched a new mentorship program, which is being spearheaded by Eric Kjolsing, the current membership chair for the ASEE Student Division. There has already been a great response, with over 75 participants. As we continue with the program, we hope to get as many students and professional members involved as possible.

We are matching mentors with mentees based on mentorship needs and professional interests. It is a great opportunity for mentors to give back to the community, and for new researchers and educators to participate as mentees so they can learn from veterans in the field. If you would like to participate, as either a mentor or mentee, please visit the Student Division website’s mentorship page and sign up! If you have any questions regarding this new program, email Erik Kjolsing at

New Website Illuminates College Admissions


Do you know a high school or community college student who wonders how best to figure out admission chances to four-year colleges? A new website called Statfuse aims to help. Created by  entrepreneurs Supan Shah and Jeet Banerjee, both on leave from California state colleges, the website uses statistics to determine whether or not a student qualifies for his or her dream school.

The site takes some user information, including GPA, SAT scores, and extracurricular activities, as well as admissions data directly from university databases, to determine a probability of whether or not the user will be admitted. Applicants can build their own free profiles of the universities they’re interested in to compare the odds side by side.

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