Opportunities at HHMI

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)
offers a number of opportunities for undergraduates, graduates, and early-career scientists and professors to conduct research and teach at an HHMI campus. Most recently, the institute announced its winners for the 2014 HHMI Professors Competition, which identifies a handful of successful scientists and engineers to award $1 million over five years to integrate their research with student learning.

The professors competition has not posted dates for next year’s cycle, but read below the cut for other HHMI opportunities.

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Engineering Internships from Internmatch


Paperboard packaging company Southern Champion Tray is looking for a fall 2014 mechanical engineering intern to work on site in their Chattanooga, TN headquarters. Along with pursuing a mechanical engineering degree, the candidate needs proficiency with SolidWorks, AutoCAD, some experience in machining, million, turning, and fabrication, machine maintenance, and providing technical service and assistance to a manufacturing operation. The advertisement does not specify the pay, but is willing to provide free housing and an on-site wellness center with a gym and basketball court.

This internship was found via Internmatch.com. A recent search for “engineering internships” showed companies that are looking to fill several positions in different cities around the U.S. Note that all positions are only available as of the time of this writing, and the Accelerator cannot verify whether or not they have been filled.

KPCB Engineering, Product, and Design Fellowships


The Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers Fellowship Program has recently announced their 76 fellows for the 2014 year, after having received 2,500 applications from 200 universities around the U.S. The program has fellowships in engineering, design, and product, and allows students to work in those respective divisions at start-up companies in Silicon Valley for the summer. There they develop their technical or design skills and be mentored by an executive within the company. Participants in their new product fellows program will work at their start-ups for a full year.

Companies include Twitter, Zynga, Indiegogo, Coursera, and Spotify, among many others. While the 2014 class has already been announced, the best way to get upcoming news about future fellowship openings is to sign up on the website.

University Innovation Fellowships

The University Innovation Fellows Program is now accepting applicants for the Spring/Fall 2014 cohort, and the application deadline is June 30.  The program trains mainly engineering undergraduate and graduate students from around the country to conduct research and use resources to bring innovation and venture activity to their campuses. Since 2012, the students have hosted 124 events and activities, reaching 9,000 students and faculty. They’ve founded clubs, hosted speakers, created spaces for innovation, collaborated on new classes, and organized competitions in order to encourage entrepreneurship on campus.

The program is run by Epicenter, an NSF-funded partnership between Stanford University and the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA). According to a news release, students can apply individually or in groups of up to five, and must be sponsored by a faculty member or administrator who can provide a program see, travel support, and a letter of support. The applicant website lists more information.

A One-stop Shop for NASA Student Opportunities

nasa logo

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) now makes it easier than ever to find student internships, fellowships, and other projects through their One Stop Shopping Initiative website. The website lists all internships, fellowships, and other student opportunities that NASA has to offer, including non-technical roles, and also allows users to create one universal profile for applying to multiple opportunities.

NASA internships can be full or part-time, conducted at a NASA facility, contractor facility, or anywhere activities are ongoing to advance NASA’s missions. Mentors can be civil servants, contractors, or faculty conducting activities directly related to NASA’s unique assets and ongoing mission activities.

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