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Test Your Innovation in the Marketplace

TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo
June 14-17, 2015 – Washington D.C.

Submit your Abstract or Innovation for review by Corporate and Investment Prospectors representing over $20 billion in development funds.

How to Participate:

>> Submit Your Abstract – due Dec.19th
>> Submit Your Innovation – due Jan. 20th

Industry Focus Areas:

Advanced Materials
Advanced Manufacturing
Energy & Sustainability
Electronics & Microsystems
Biotech, Medical & Pharma
Personal & Home Care, Cosmetics, Foods

Students Aim for 83 m.p.h. Bike

 arion1_imeche_render1-1024x565Can man and machine combine with engineering to produce the world’s fastest human-powered vehicle? The BBC visited the test lab in Liverpool, “where peak design meets peak fitness and where cycling dreams are distilled from sweat and tears.”

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Utah State Team Sweeps iGEM Competion

Utah State iGEMThe name suggests a cleaning crew, not a team of Utah State University biological engineering undergraduates whose “Stain Busters” project just took top honors at the annual iGEM synthetic biology competition.

It was the sixth straight gold medal Utah State teams had won at the International Genetically Engineered Machine challenge, the university’s news service reports.  Launched by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the competition promotes synthetic biology research through the construction of genetically engineered systems from standard building blocks called BioBricks.

This year’s champion team engineered E. coli bacteria to create enzymes that boosted the ability of laundry detergent to remove grass and other tough stains, reducing the amount needed to wash clothes.

Photo: (from left to right) Cody Maxwell, Sara Gertsch, Ryan Putman, Dallin Christensen, Dr. Asif Rhaman, the team’s graduate adviser.


Shell Eco-Marathon 2015

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When: April 9-12, 2015
Registration deadline: Nov. 17, 2014 (for the Americas competition)
Where: Downtown Detroit, Michigan
Level: High school, technical school, and college students

Could your school design and build a car capable of  squeezing 2,824 miles from a single gallon of gas?

That’s the impressive milestone achieved by a fuel-efficient vehicle developed by students from the University of Laval in Québec, Canada, in the 2014 Shell Eco-marathon Americas. The car was one of 120 in the competition, which drew more than 1,200 high school and university students from Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico.

Created to spur innovation, the global event challenges student teams to choose from a variety of fuel sources and develop game-changing solutions by competing to see who can travel the farthest distance using the least amount of energy. Participants receive travel stipends, with winners taking home cash prizes.

Teams can compete in one or both categories: Prototype (futuristic designs) and UrbanConcept (roadworthy, fuel-efficient vehicles).

The Prototype class focuses on maximizing fuel efficiency through innovative design elements, such as drag reduction. The UrbanConcept class aims to meet the real-life needs of drivers and are closer in appearance to the higher-mileage cars seen on roads today. For both vehicle classes, teams can use diesel, gasoline, ethanol, FAME, and hydrogen and battery electric technologies.

Click here to register today or contact Shell Eco-marathon’s organizers with questions. Check out the videos from last year’s competition and visit the website for additional information.