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Create a Small-Screen Heroine

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via NAE

Remember Angus MacGyver? He was the super-secret spy who rocked a mullet and used a ream of duct tape to save the world on a weekly basis in the 80’s and early 90’s. To this day, popular culture calls it “MacGyvering” when someone saves the day under less-than-optimal circumstances, especially in an engineering context.

MacGyver inspired many in a generation of engineers to enter the field. Now it’s time to do it again—but this time, with a woman at the lead.

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Test Your Innovation in the Marketplace

TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo
June 14-17, 2015 – Washington D.C.

Submit your Abstract or Innovation for review by Corporate and Investment Prospectors representing over $20 billion in development funds.

How to Participate:

>> Submit Your Abstract – due Dec.19th
>> Submit Your Innovation – due Jan. 20th

Industry Focus Areas:

Advanced Materials
Advanced Manufacturing
Energy & Sustainability
Electronics & Microsystems
Biotech, Medical & Pharma
Personal & Home Care, Cosmetics, Foods