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UCF Hosts Engineers’ Week, Culminating in High-Five-Athon

UCF_640x360At this year’s Engineering Week, the University of Central Florida’s College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) went all out. More than 20 organizations held college-wide engineering events, including Rube Goldberg competitions and multi-cultural formals. They played host to industry luminary Microsoft, which presented design and building competitions. In the coup de grâce, they attempted to break the world record for the longest high-five chain in conjunction with UCF CECS’ Limbitless Solutions team, which makes 3D printed prostheses for children. All of this was organized by the UCF ASEE Student Chapter.

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The Accelerator Facebook Update

facebook_squareWe are reviving our Accelerator Facebook pageASEE is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date information in engineering education student news and entertainment. We can’t do that simply by emailing you once per month, however. We often get late-breaking news on scholarships, grants, and contests that have deadlines before we can post about them—but we want you to know about them when we find out! To avoid overloading your inbox with multiple emails every month, we are bringing our Facebook page back. Click here to like us and share with your friends. When you do, you will get extra updates on engineering education news, grants, and the occasional entertaining video. Like us today!