June’s Academic & Professional Development Resources

Through The Accelerator, we hope to connect engineering, engineering technology, and engineering education students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in school and after. Learn how to navigate classroom and office politics while taking care of yourself–and much more!

Mental Gymnastics: “Research suggests that international students are less likely than domestic students to seek mental health treatment–or even be aware of the availability of services,” says Inside Higher Ed. The publication reports on a panel recently convened by the Association of International Educators to overcome the stigma. Read more here

RELATED: Former Prism student columnist Nirakar Poudel explored his own mental health journey as a graduate student from Nepal. Read it here.
Beyond Badges: Badges and certifications are great ways for students and professionals to show that they are adaptable and constantly learning–in theory. But many employers don’t put a lot of stock in them. Can this new partnership change how tech companies see “alternative credentials?” The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.  

Juggling Projects: Do you suffer from multi-project paralysis? Lots of people, when faced with lots of complicated projects, don’t know where to start and end up going nowhere fast. Find out how to manage the tasks and knock down your to-do list! Click here.

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