Job Searching with Disabilities

Job searching is especially fraught if you fall into a protected class. People who are disabled (or differently-abled) must, on top of an already difficult process, contend with discrimination, a system where resources are not easy to come by, and rampant misinformation about what is legal and what isn’t. Find a few resources for job searching below:

“Should I or Shouldn’t I”: An article from on whether, when, and how to disclose your disability to a potential employer. Abilityjobs in itself is an amazing resource and job board for both employers and job-seekers, with many disability-friendly jobs listed.

“Navigating Common Concerns When Job Hunting with a Disability”: An article from Refinery29 on everything from transit concerns to asking for accommodations from your employer.

More resources from What Can You Do?: This program is part of the Campaign for Disability Employment, funded by the US Department of Labor, and it lists out a job seeker’s rights, state and national government resources, as well as resume and interview tips.

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