Tinker Toys

As a busy engineering student, you probably don’t have all the time in the world to take on side projects–even though these types of projects can help you better grasp material and help you find your passion in the field (not to mention put you ahead of some other students in internship applications). Click through to find some small side projects you can tinker with in your dorm in your spare time, courtesy of Make: magazine. Even better, see if you can’t improve on some of the designs!

Build your cat a custom electric skateboard.

Build a small-scale coffee roaster from a metal dog bowl.

Build a micro ultrasonic levitator. 

OK, this admittedly isn’t small-scale, but it’s super-cool. You know those creepy Boston Dynamics dog robots? The ones straight from a Black Mirror episode? Robotics engineer James Bruton created an open-source robot dog project, and you can learn to build your own here.

Finally, here’s some general shop tips on how to do things better–cut glass, drill straighter, use a combination square, and much more! Enjoy.


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