DIY Holiday Roundup

Make: magazine is your center for all things do-it-yourself. With university makerspaces and machine shops, you have everything at your fingertips to make some incredible (and personal!) holiday gifts. Here are some ideas, courtesy of the magazine:

When Stars Align: What did the sky look like on the best night of your life? Whether celebrating your first kiss, the birth of a loved one, you can make a gorgeous (and accurate!) light-up wall hanging with a map of the galaxy as it looked exactly at that time. Find the CAD designs here.

Easy Ornamentals: This time of year, you might have a lot going on but still want to do something special (and cheap!) to brighten up your dorm, house, or office–or for some easy gifts. Here are some quick and easy ways to add some shine to your space.

A Very Burly Christmas: Remember the infamous leg lamp from A Christmas Story? Here are the blueprints to make one yourself–with a twist.

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