Engineering & Education Podcast Roundup

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Are you looking for some way to continue your education over the summer? Want some background noise for those hot evenings spent lesson planning or soldering your robot together? It’s About Time put together a great roundup of engineering and education (and engineering education!) podcasts to keep your ears happy and your mind active.

Some favorites are listed below, but view the list in full here.

The Engineering Commons Podcast.  There aren’t a lot of engineering podcasts out there but this one, hosted by four active engineers, should be tops on your list. This podcast series highlights the challenges and opportunities of studying, teaching, and using engineering to bring about positive change and social good. Great industry insights and food for thought.  Preview episodes at Download at iTunes HERE.

NASA Science Casts.  Short, fun, video podcasts cover NASA’s historical space missions, and current space news that students can explore as it happens. There’s plenty of content for classroom discussion and exercises here. This is one podcast you’ll want to subscribe to and bookmark! View the videos at Subscribe via iTunes HERE.

Software Engineering Radio.  A no-nonsense podcast offering intelligent discussion on topical issues for professional software engineers featuring highly respected researchers. Dig into data mining, analytics, open source, and practical tips for overcoming current challenges. Praise for the podcast includes professors who have used the material for software architecture courses, and who have dubbed the host the “Michael Jordan of Enterprise Solutions.” Learn more about the show and volunteer as a guest host via the website at Download and subscribe via  iTunes HERE.

Engines of our Ingenuity.  A podcast featured on KUHF-FM radio Houston, Engines of our Ingenuity (hosted by Dr. John Lienhard) is a favorite among educators. The show dives into history, art, technology, and the epic failures and successes our curiosity has led us to – which is what makes this show itself, epic! Check it out at iTunes HERE.

Killer Innovations.  Seriously inspirational. Get your mental juices salivating, and throw your brain into overdrive, with this award winning podcast from author, and ex-CTO of Hewlette Packard, Phil McKinney (@philmckinney). McKinney generously shares his experience and lessons learned building products and technologies for the past 30 years. Insights you won’t find in a text book! Learn more about Killer Innovations at and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes HERE.

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