The Game was Afoot

via ThinkStock
via ThinkStock

This month, the Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (ILead) at the University of Toronto concluded a six-month engineering contest simply called The Game. The Game is a mysterious competition with the goal of “changing the world,” though its missions are not revealed until after the contestants are chosen and their teams are formed. Over the competition’s long course, student contestants receive mentorship and leadership training while developing a large-scale social project that they hope will create positive change.

On March 5, these student teams came together for the final showdown. A team of six students that included Deniz Jafari, Omar Khan, Jiawei Bowen Le, Tianyuan Amy Li, Amreen Poonawala, and Noor Shaikh took home the prize for their software platform designed to connect volunteers to local causes.

Read more about The Game and its winners here.

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