Spotlight: Students Develop Smart Earplugs

Courtesy of Jacobs School of Engineering/UC San Diego
Courtesy of Jacobs School of Engineering/UC San Diego

Three students at UC San Diego have taken inspiration from a struggle that most college students face: loud dorm rooms and group houses that seem designed to distract them from their studies.

In response, Daniel Lee proposed a pair of smart earplugs that are wireless, compact, long-lasting, and sound-cancelling. The biggest draw, though, is what they let through. The earplugs double as a white noise machine, but wearers will still be able to hear their alarms and receive important phone messages.

The students’ idea has so far gained a lot of attention. They raised $450,000 through crowdfunding sites for the company start-up costs, and are now fully immersed in research and development. For more information on how the three Daniels are developing their idea, go here.

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