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The run-up to summer is a huge time for some big competitions. Check out this month’s list of prizes and deadlines!

H2 Refuel Prize from the Department of Energy

Award: $1 million

Registration Deadline: October 22, 2015 with preliminary designs due October 29.

The H2 Refuel H-Prize is challenging America’s innovators to deploy an on-site hydrogen generation system, using electricity or natural gas, to fuel hydrogen vehicles, that can be used in homes, community centers, retail sites or similar locations. The best entry, based on technical and cost criteria, will win $1 million!

The registration deadline is October 22 and preliminary design and data are due on October 29. View the full competition timeline here.

Geothermal Resource Council Scholarships

Two (2) GRC Undergraduate Scholarship Awards of $1,500
Three (3) GRC Graduate Scholarship Awards of $2,500
One (1) Student Geothermal Project Award of $4,500

Deadline: May 4, 2015

To qualify for one of these awards a student must be a GRC member (student memberships are only $5 per year) as well as a student in an accredited academic institution.

To be eligible for one of the two undergraduate awards, the candidate must be a third or fourth year undergraduate majoring in engineering or geosciences at the time of the award (Fall 2015).

To be eligible for one of the three graduate awards, the candidate must be enrolled in a graduate-level program in engineering or geosciences at the time of the award (Fall 2015).

The selection of the geothermal project award recipient will be based primarily upon the creation and description of a geothermal-focused project, though other factors such as the individual’s academic record, student activities, geothermal industry experience, and career goals will factor into the determination as well. The project can represent a variety of academic subjects, including, but not limited to, geosciences, engineering, and economics. The primary requirement is that the project be focused on some aspect of geothermal power production, geothermal direct use applications or geothermal heat pumps.

Please state clearly in your application letter the award for which you are applying.
Applications should be addressed to:
Geothermal Resources Council
GRC Scholarship Award Committee
P.O. Box 1350
Davis, CA 95617

Please direct questions regarding the scholarship awards to: Brian Schmidt, or 530-758-2360, ext. 107

Hackaday 2015 Is On!

Grand Prize: A trip to space with the private spaceflight carrier of your choice (or the cash equivalent at $196,883).
Best Product Prize: $100,000 cash; 6-month residency at the Pasadena HackASpace; Assistance bringing your product to market
Second Place: 36×25 90 Watt CO2 Laser Cutter
Third Place: A quartet of awesome tools: Othermill; Taz 5 3D Printer; X-Carve Router; Grizzly Bench Lathe
Fourth Place: Tour CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider, in Geneva Switzerland
Fifth Place: Visit to the manufacturing epicenter of Shenzhen, China; a meeting with THP judge Ian Lesnet  

Deadline: 8/17/15 is the last day for new entries

The people behind the Hackaday Prize want you to build the future. What does that mean? Whatever will make the world a better place. Start by thinking of a problem you might solve. Enter this idea to help get everyone thinking toward solutions that will benefit all. As your ideas take shape, document your progress through the planning, testing, and building stages. Show that your build will solve a real problem to put yourself on the path to claim the 2015 Hackaday Prize.

More details here.

SAE Scholarships and Awards

The Society for Automotive Engineering offers a multitude of scholarships and awards throughout the year. They are open to a variety of experience levels and industries. Click here to search by alphabetical listing, industry areas, or specific technology/customer areas. You can also search by deadline.

Closest three deadlines:

March 31: Cliff Garrett Turbomachinery Engineering Award

March 31: Steven M. Atkins Ability and Achievement in Science, Engineering, and Technology (AASET) Award

April 1: SAE Foundation’s Stefan Pischinger Young Industry Leadership Award

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