Juggling the Job Search: A guide to applying for faculty and non-faculty jobs

via ThinkStock
via ThinkStock

The job market is notoriously shaky right now. Searching for jobs on top of all of the priorities that you have is a  mentally and physically difficult, not to mention time-consuming, process. Many students are applying across the board—to academe and industry—and hoping that something good sticks. If you are one of them, you could likely use some guidance on how to juggle it all.

This month, the Chronicle of Higher Education published a guide on where to put your focus at what time of the year, depending on whether you’re searching for faculty or non-faculty positions and offers resources on how to develop résumés and CVs. One further resource that is not listed, but is very helpful for non-faculty positions, is the Ask a Manager blog written by Alison Green.

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