Intel Pledges $300 Million for Diversity

via Thinkstock
via Thinkstock

Intel President Renée James will oversee the effort of transforming not just the company, but the entire industry into one that is more welcoming of women and minorities. James, one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, has allocated $300 million for a program that will build pipelines into the industry from underrepresented populations. James is taking a multi-pronged approach. By funding STEM programs in under-served areas, collaborating with higher education institutions, investing in women- and minority-owned companies, and creating diverse hiring and retention programs company-wide, she hopes to see results by 2020.

The computer and gaming industry has gone through a lot in the past year, PR-wise. Still reeling from Gamergate, the video games controversy that rocked the industry last fall, and the publication of damning hiring data and diversity statistics, Intel hopes to turn not only its image, but its entire industry around.

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