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SD_Logo_BlackMentoring through Proposed Research: Student Division Poster Session

The Student Division is pleased to announce the return of the Mentoring through Proposed Research Poster Session at this year’s annual conference. Co-sponsored by the ERM Division, the purpose of this session is to provide students an opportunity to connect with faculty and gain feedback on developing research projects in engineering education. During this session, each student will be paired with, and briefly present their poster to, an expert faculty member in 30-minute, one-on-one conversations.

Conference attendees are invited to stop by to see some of the emerging discussions surrounding student research that is shaping the future of engineering education, which may be particularly helpful for students and researchers new to engineering education research. The poster session will be held on Tuesday, June 16th from 8:45 to 10:15am in the Seattle Sheraton Aspen Banquet Room.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Update

Dr. Geoffrey Herman talks about the National Science Foundation WIDER project to the UIUC Student Division.
Dr. Geoffrey Herman talks about the National Science Foundation WIDER project to the UIUC Student Division.

The Student Division at UIUC has been busy building its member base through happy hours and events. They hosted one extremely successful event in October, a lunch discussion with Drs. Geoffrey Herman and Irene Mena of the NSF WIDER project. The discussion addressed engagement in engineering education on three levels: scholarship of teaching and learning, research-to-practice, and core research.

­­­­University of Michigan Update

UofM Student Division member Justin Foley explains laser demo with elementary school kids.
UofM Student Division member Justin Foley explains laser demo with elementary school kids.

This past year we’ve continued our undergraduate education workshop series in both the winter and fall semesters. These workshops are short sessions that help engineering students learn basic skills that they might not have learned or need to brush up on. These workshops have included: Introduction to MATLAB, Plotting in MATLAB, Introduction to Mathematica, LaTeX, Python, Adobe Illustrator, Solidworks and presentation skills. The workshops are designed by graduate student members who don’t typically get experience designing course work during their time at Michigan. We have done about 8 of these every semester for the past 3 years.

We also took part in the annual K-Gram’s Kid’s Fair, where elementary school children from the Ann Arbor area come to Michigan to learn about possible careers. We set up a device that let us transmit sound via laser which was a hit with a lot of the kids and parent chaperones.

Some of our members also attended the national ASEE conference, and former president Justin Foley presented a paper by some of our members entitled, “Workshops on Fundamental Engineering Skills” in the Graduate Studies section.

This upcoming year we’ve got some new ideas that we’ll be experimenting with, one of which is trying to tie our workshop series in more tightly with a class. This would give us a better idea of how our supplemental instruction affects students and allow us to design a series of connected workshops.

Ohio State Update OSU

The Ohio State Student Chapter hosted two successful outreach events this semester. The first, held at the Dowd Center for Underprivileged Children, introduced K-12 students with an egg drop (pictured), among other science and problem-solving skills.

The second took place in a physics class at The Charles School, a high school in the Columbus area, where the OSU Outreach Team took the Marble Delivery System Lab to the students.

This semester, the chapter held five meetings and reached their attendance goal of 15 new members outside of their executive board. The meetings ranged through variety of topics, including a Creative Writing / Poetry Contest for Engineers; an Engineering Education PhD Panel; and the Engineering Education Innovation Center’s Technical Communications Team. Looking ahead, the Outreach Team is working with Northrop High School for a two-series event.



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