From the Student Division: GA Tech, CCNY, and Welcome to OSU

SD_newlogoGeorgia Tech Hosts STEM Education Research Expo

Chartered in 2011, the Georgia Tech Student Chapter of ASEE (GT-ASEE) is working to find its proper place on campus, but that has not kept it from making a lasting impression on the students and faculty involved in, and interacting with, GT-ASEE.

Our monthly meetings include speakers from the GT community that are engaging in education-related endeavors on campus. From the introduction of an iPad app for engineering statics by Dr. Julian Rimoli to an overview of the planning process for the online M.S. in computer science by Dr. Charles Isbell, each meeting guarantees a new and interesting topic. But GT-ASEE does more than just hold monthly meetings.

In March, GT-ASEE hosted their 2nd annual STEM Education Research Expo. The expo showcased approximately 30 posters representing seven different colleges from Georgia Tech, presenting topics ranging from technology in the classroom to curricula development for TA training. More than 75 people attended this year’s expo, and GT-ASEE plans to expand the event to include a select few neighboring universities in 2015.

In May, GT-ASEE organized and hosted a two-day teaching and learning workshop titled “INtroducing Scholastic and Pedagogical Insight Resulting in Engaged Education” (INSPIRE2), which was geared towards STEM graduate students and post-docs. INSPIRE2 was designed to introduce the attendees to non-traditional, interactive teaching methods in the classroom. GT-ASEE raised over $14,000 to fund the workshop, which allowed them to offer it free of charge to approximately 80 attendees from Georgia Tech and Emory. Illustrious GT faculty and graduate students spoke at the event, including the headlining speaker for the workshop, Dr. Michael Prince from Bucknell University.

CityCollegeNP_FlushLeftCITY_1City College of New York Reaches Out to Aspiring Engineers

On April 17, the American Society for Engineering Education CCNY chapter took a trip to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to promote higher education and foster interest in research amongst our undergraduate students. The students toured the university’s labs and research facilities, and were given information about graduate study and Ph.D. programs. RPI faculty informed them of what is required and expected if they pursue a graduate career at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Our student members gained great insight and interest in graduate programs.

On May 2, the ASEE CCNY Chapter hosted the 2014 CCNY Engineering Networking Reception. The reception was a formal event for high school and higher education officials. Attending officials included Gilda Barabino, the Dean of the Grove School of Engineering of CCNY; Ana Lucia Martinez, FIRST Regional Director; as well as many professors and high school guidance counselors.

The reception promoted discussion of how to engage a younger demographic in engineering education while sharing opportunities for them to get started. We opened up this discussion by having panelists talk about ways we could make the field of engineering appeal to high school students. We concluded the event successfully after agreeing that school policy must change. At the event, student members also brainstormed about how to improve club events and gear them more towards exciting undergraduates about the STEM field. We hope to host more events like these in the future.

ASEE Welcomes Oregon State to the Student Divisionosu-tag

Welcome to the Oregon State Beavers, who have just established a new chapter of the American Society for Engineering Education Student Division. Led by chapter President Tyler Bernardy, Vice President David Reeping, Secretary Heather Sapp, Treasurer John Hartman, and faculty adviser Dr. Ken Reid, we look forward to seeing great things from the chapter.

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