Fellowships in Biocontainment at U. Texas


The University of Texas Medical Branch’s National Biocontainment Training Center is offering two fellowships in the areas of biosafety, decontamination, and risk assessment of biological hazards.

The Engineering Fellowship Program focuses on biocontainment operations and is designed to train students to work on a biosafety team at a large resarch lab or institution. The fellowship includes coursework in areas including, but not limited to: an overview of biosafety principles, microbiology, risk assessment, and decontamination of equipment. It also includes hands-non training in a containment facility and interaction with other engineers, scientists, facilities maintenance personnel, and biosafety officers. Candidates should have at least a bachelor’s in a life science or engineering.

The Laboratory Fellowship Program is a two-year program mainly for students who have completed a doctoral degree and are looking to pursue leadership roles in researching viral diseases and containment issues surrounding them. Fellows will develop a broad range of knowledge and skills needed to address the public health problem of viral hemorrhagic fevers and other high hazard viral pathogens. Training activities will involve supervised practical experience and will include a mix of laboratory, safety, epidemiology, and policy experiences.
At this time the Accelerator cannot find information on deadlines and start dates for these two fellowships. Email ihii.web@utmb.edu for information on application materials and deadlines for both fellowships.

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