JHU Robotics Club Turns a Staircase into a Piano

YouTube Preview Image

The Johns Hopkins University robotics club assumed administrators would ask them immediately to dismantle the electronics that turned a staircase in their engineering building into a playable keyboard. But they didn’t — at least not right away. And the day after it was set up, they saw a professor on his hands and knees playing it, according to WBALTV. Each step has a sensor attached to a mini controller that tells it to play a certain note in the C major scale, according to the article. The club can also change the sounds of the instruments it plays.

The giant keyboard has drawn crowds since being installed, and the club members hope it will stir some interest from students looking to join the club or think about robotics as a study path. They’ve been inspired by this pop-up project and how much attention it’s gotten, and they plan to install different interactive projects in the future.

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