Northeastern Students Develop Smart Bike


If smart cars weren’t enough, a team of Northeastern University engineering undergraduate and graduate students has developed a smart bicycle that can potentially help prevent bicycle fatalities. According to the Boston Business Journal, two people every day die from bicycle accidents, and more than 130 people a day are injured.

The students attached sensors to a bicycle to give it the ability to predict whether or not a crash could happen, and to alert the cyclist with a built-in speaker. The bicycle also has laser lights that project a bike lane onto the pavement to keep the rider in a safe zone, and sensors that alert the rider when a car gets too close or warn against speeding up before approaching an intersection. The team is looking to make a mobile app so users can track their riding habits.

IBAPS (Interactive Bicyclist Accident Prevention System) Capstone

The team so far has used $5,000 in university funding, and hopes to get another $5,000 at a conference at Northeastern in April. According to the article, the team, which hails from Northeastern’s biomedical mechatronics lab, has its sights on creating a tech startup and selling the sensors and lasers for $100.

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