Yale Makes Use of 3-D Printing

3D printer

Outfitted with five printers and open 24 hours a day, Yale University’s 3-D printing lab attracts more than just engineering students, according to the New Haven Register. The lab has trained more than 550 faculty and students, ranging from from medical researchers to architects and biologists, on how to use the printers, and lab director Joseph Zinter expects about 10 percent of Yale undergraduates to be fully trained in 3-D printing within the next few months.

According to the article, architecture students at Yale used to have to pay $200 for a 3-D printed item, but the new lab can print for about $10, allowing students to get a sense of their creations and prototypes at every stage of the design process. Last year, architecture students made 80 3-D prints during the fall semester. This year, they’ll probably create more than 1,000, according to the article.

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