NSF Reveals Regional Concentrations of Scientists and Engineers

NSF big

U.S. science and engineering employment is highly concentrated in a few states, according to a recently released National Science Foundation report. More than a quarter of all scientists and engineers are concentrated in California, Texas, and New York, according to the report. Florida, Virginia, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Ohio also employ a large portion of all scientists and engineers.

Out of the total 5.7 million scientists and engineers, 3.1 million reported being in a computer or mathematical sciences occupation, and 1.7 million reported being engineers. The report also calculated the proportion of workers employed in science and engineering jobs in each state and showed that it’s highest in Washington, DC, with Maryland and Massachusetts coming in behind.

Additionally, the report shows the areas and cities within states with the highest concentrations of scientists and engineers. The NSF used U.S. Census Bureau data for the report.

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