Hybrid, Electric Car Race Draws 25 Student Teams

A record 25 student engineering teams designed, built and then raced hybrid and electric racecars in the April 29 – May 2 Formula Hybrid International Race, now in its sixth year. IEEE’s The Institute reported that teams from Brigham Young University and Universite de Sherbrooke, in Quebec, jointly won first place in the hybrid category. The Canadian team also won the Ford Efficiency Award for the best engineered and executed energy-efficient design.

The University of Kansas triumphed in the electric-only class, the first time the competition has had such a category, and also won two IEEE prizes: the Engineering the Future Award, which judged the multidisciplinary makeup of the team and design features; and  the Excellence in Electric Vehicle Engineering Award, which judged various aspects of teams’ EV engineering prowess. See a slideshow.

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