ASEE Student Division: September Updates

See under the cut for notes and updates from the ASEE Student Division Division Chair Alexandra Coso, Zone Liaison Julie Little-Wiles, Information Chair Kathryn Trenshaw, Secretary and Treasurer Kelly Cross, Program Chair Katie Nelson, and Membership Chair Gurlovleen Rathore.

Student Division Chair Notes

Dear ASEE Students,

Welcome to the new 2012-2013 academic year and the first issue of the Accelerator – the NEW newsletter collaboration between ASEE and the Student Division. Through this collaboration, we hope to provide you with even more resources and information over the coming year. We also plan to continue including contributions from you! Please send any campus, student chapter, education-related news to our new Information Chair, Kathryn Trenshaw (

Student membership in ASEE is the fastest growing group within the organization. There are currently over 800 student members of ASEE, with close to 400 members of the Student Division. The Student Division serves to build and maintain a national community of students interested in engineering education practice and research. For those readers who are not yet members of the Student Division, please be sure to check out our website ( for more information about our events at the Annual Conference, ASEE Student Chapters, engineering education resources, and other engineering education student organizations. If you have questions about becoming a member of the Student Division, be sure to contact our membership chair, Gurlovleen Rathore (

Over the coming year, the Student Division officers will be working to learn more about the needs of the ASEE student population to further improve our conference programming and our offerings in the fall and spring semesters. We are also working to strengthen our collaborations with industry partners. Industry partners and the College Industry Partnership Division (CIPD) were at the core of our original establishment within ASEE. Industry partners can introduce us to a variety of research and employment opportunities at various corporations and within our own universities related to engineering education. Finally, there exist countless opportunities to engage with industry partners and CIPD at the upcoming conferences in panels, special sessions, and workshops.

Our Zone Liaison, Julie Little-Wiles, and new Sub-Zone Liaison, Elke Milton, we will be continuing to develop the network of ASEE Student Chapters at the national level! We are growing at the local level with new student chapters being established each semester, so look out for updates from them in your email and this newsletter.

With the success of Student Division events at ASEE 2012 in San Antonio, TX, the Student Division officers are already looking forward to ASEE 2013 in Atlanta, GA!!! Please check out all of the announcements from our Program Chair Katie Nelson to find out more about the exciting events for 2013.

Thanks again to all those who volunteered to help with and participated in our events in San Antonio. Have a great fall semester and I look forward to seeing many of you next year in Atlanta!


Alexandra Coso

ASEE Student Division Chair
Ph.D. Candidate in Aerospace Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

Zone Liaison Notes

Welcome to Fall 2012 from your ASEE Student Division Zone Liaison Officer! I hope each one of you had a great summer and are ready to start the year with excitement and enthusiasm, especially if you are a member of an ASEE Student Chapter on your campus!

I am excited to be starting my second year as the officer in charge of coordinating all ASEE Student Chapters for the Student Division and am always available to help answer questions/concerns or help you start your very own ASEE Student Chapter on your campus (or revive your dormant chapter.) Please feel free to email me at: or check out our Student Chapter Webpage on the Student Division’s Website.

Please send me any officer updates or change in faculty advisors for the year and we will get the webpage updated. I also want to welcome our newest Student Chapter which was formed very quickly over the summer – the University of Virginia! Welcome!

I am pleased to announce that I will be posting a form on the Student Chapter Webpage in the next few months that will make the required semester-end reporting process easier and quicker for all Student Chapters! Stay tuned for more details in the next few months!

Good luck this fall semester!

Julie Little-Wiles, Ph.D.

Purdue’s School of Engineering & Technology
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Information Chair Notes

As the new Information Chair of the ASEE Student Division, I would like to provide a quick update about our website and newsletters.  Check out the website ( to find out more about the Student Division and the 2012-2013 officers, as well as find information about ASEE student chapters at academic institutions across the country.  Additionally, keep an eye out for student-focused job postings on our new “Jobs” page, currently under construction!  Also, look for our newsletter which will be coming out every two months with interesting articles and information related to the Student Division and tailored to student needs.  Feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or suggestions for the website and newsletters.  I look forward to a great year as Information Chair!

Kathryn Trenshaw
Chemical Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Secretary Notes

First, wishing everyone a productive semester.  Be sure to select the student division as you renew your ASEE national membership and make sure your student chapter membership is current. Please help me welcome the incoming officers and if you are interested in serving as an officer, let us know. The new officers are off to a great start and we will be working to plan events for next year’s conference. Abstracts are due soon. Feel free to contact the officers if you have any questions or concerns.

Treasurer Notes

We had great sponsorship last year and the conference expenses were covered. If you have not paid your student membership dues, please do soon.  We are aware that the national memberships dues have increased, however we appreciate your commitment to the continued growth of the Student Division. Please check Monolith for any outstanding invoices and contact one of the officers with questions.

Have a great academic year and see you in Atlanta!

Kelly Cross
Engineering Education Department
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)

Program Chair Notes

Hello everyone! I am very excited to be organizing this year’s StuDiv Program for the Annual ASEE conference! The Student Division has done an excellent job in the past to push student research! However, we feel that there is always room to grow and as such, have taken strides to implement a new poster session.

The new poster session is meant to provide students feedback on their future research interests, ideas, dissertation proposals, etc. During the poster session, members will receive feedback on their work from experts in the field of engineering education. All research ideas are of interest here, so do not hesitate to explore something new!

What you need to do:

  1. Submit an abstract by September 21, 2012 about your proposed/future research idea;
  2. If accepted, submit a poster by December 7, 2012 about your proposed/future research idea; and
  3. If accepted, attend the poster session at ASEE 2013 next June and received feedback about your poster from an expert in your area.

These submissions will not be judged on stringent criteria, but it is expected that you have clearly laid out the impetus for your work using empirically supported claims.

The Student Division officers are extremely excited to try this new session and are hoping that it can become a staple for our Division at future ASEE conferences. The more submissions the better!

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me directly! Thanks!

Katie Nelson
Curriculum and Instruction, Engineering Education
Arizona State University

Membership Chair Notes

Howdy! My name is Gurlovleen Rathore. I am a graduate student at Texas A&M University and have been appointed Membership Chair for the 2012-2013 academic year. As Membership Chair, I would like to alert you to several student membership related changes occurring at both the ASEE and ASEE SD.

First, the ASEE has recently instituted two different options for student membership dues. You can now elect to register as before with dues of $25/year for student membership benefits or with dues of $10/year with similar benefits in online format. A complete description of membership benefits can be found here. Second, the Membership Chair position is evolving to include responsibilities such as ASEE SD program evaluation and introduction of new student programs, to further engage you in unit activities. Your feedback is absolutely essential to fully develop these programs. Therefore, you will receive an ASEE SD member registration survey and a needs assessment/program evaluation survey in the near future. Please keep an eye out for an e-mail from me about both surveys. As always, your participation would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any questions regarding these new developments. I would be happy to answer and am excited to serve as your Membership Chair to meet your needs from the ASEE SD.

Gurlovleen Rathore
Graduate Student
Texas A&M University

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