NSF Student Appointments

NSF offers Student Appointments through their Student Temporary Employment Program and their Student Career Experience Program. Student Program vacancies are posted periodically during the year. All vacancies are posted in the eRecruit system. A grade point average of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale or a C average is required.

The Student Temporary Employment Program covers all academic levels. Appointments may be made at any time during the year. Work schedules are usually part-time during the school year and full time during school vacation periods. The program ends or students when they graduate.

The Student Career Experience Program also covers all academic levels. Students are employed in positions directly related to their educational program and career goals and are appointed as Student Trainees. Appointments may be made at any time during the year. A written agreement must be developed between NSF and the school, outlining the responsibilities of all parties.

For this program, students may be non-competitively converted to a career or career-conditional appointment after graduation, providing they have worked at least 640 hours under the program, and meet all academic and position qualification requirements. Students are eligible for all civil service benefits.

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